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Paul found his inclination to filmmaking while shooting skateboarding videos in high-school. Since that time, he has developed a distinguishable style and found a home working with brands and musicians to develop personalized content that is also technically innovative. He spent a few years working within various departments on film sets in Los Angeles which has given him technical insight which allows him to work closely with his team to achieve a stylized, high quality aesthetic by utilizing todays most effective filmmaking tools and practices. Paul has also spent time working in advertising where he produced, wrote and directed over 100 performance marketing campaigns for global brands including Walmart, HelloFresh, Fabletics, Factor 75, and MudWTR. His current focus is with music artists and brands looking to create curated and personalized branding that feels classic, on trend, and fresh.​

Scan_20230204 (5).jpg
Paul Gratland. Photo by Halo Auragraphic
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